je cours, tu cours, il a couru

The series My ancestors, coureurs des bois, 2012, made of serigraphy and weaving, touches on Métis, mother courage, free man, explorer, and all of men and women who have made the Québec I now live in.

News and current affairs make me gloomy or cynical, I was flushing a bit of cynicism in the series Les Bourreaux /Hang men, 2012. The future as I see it now, from my point of view, lies in a black hole, made of regression and destruction. As I lost my illusions into the future I look back at my ancestors stories and find something to hold on to, something to nourish me. As my creative thoughts seek out where I come from to perhaps one find out where I am going, my hands practise the movements and learn the techniques of weaving. Weaving is a trade that is being passed down through generations in my family. My mom taught me the rudiments of it and I now use it as a base for artistic explorations. The themes and ideas in my work touch on common knowledge while the technique with which they materialize comes from family traditions. I want to honour the great pioneers of past decades as much as the closer and equally important hands on traditional and family transmitted knowledge. I seek to give a moment of contemplation to today’s generations while questioning the impact of a forgotten colonial past on future generations.

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